Skiservis Svatý Petr

It also includes a test centre for premium skis Blossom and Vist.

Skiservis Svatý Petr and test centre for premium Blossom and Vist skis can be found right on the slope below the slope Černá (4) next to the quattro® BAR.

Have your skis serviced on the spot, pick them up the next day or take advantage of the delivery service in Špindlerův Mlýn. 

Opening hours:

8:00 - 16:30


+ 420 702 283 547


Small service: grinding of the slide, beveling of the edge, texture, beveling of the bottom edge, waxing + polishing

Large service: slide grinding, edge beveling, texture, bottom edge beveling, waxing+polishing, slide repair by boiling

Running service: slide grinding, structure, waxing

Other services: bindings adjustment, racing ski service, downhill bindings fitting...

Speciální nabídka pro držitele Chytré Sezónky

  • V průběhu sezóny 2022/2023 sleva 20% na 1x malý servis
  • V průběhu sezóny 2022/2023 sleva 20% na 1x velký servis