GOPASS - how does it work?

Learn more about the international GOPASS loyalty program and start enjoying the full benefits of the GOPASS card.

GOPASS is an international loyalty programme that offers you the best prices every time you shop online and rewards you with points for every purchase.

You can redeem the points you earn for discounts on future purchases or for special products available only with points.

The GOPASS loyalty programme is valid at all TMR resorts, which can now be found in 5 European countries. In total, 28 resorts and more are joining the programme.

GOPASS points can be redeemed at winter resorts, golf resorts, water parks, hotels, restaurants, shops or rental shops.

Your GOPASS card becomes your ski pass when you register. You can load the ski pass onto your card online at for the best prices. Upon arrival at the resort you can head straight to the slope without waiting at the counter.

Canceling a ski pass

If you have purchased a ski pass in advance for a specific date and something fits into your planned skiing, it doesn't matter, you won't lose money.
In My Orders - Active Orders/Services section you can redeem the ski pass and the amount of the purchase will be refunded to your credit less a symbolic fee of 30 CZK. The ski pass can be redeemed in this way until 23:59 on the day before the day for which the ski pass is purchased.
If you want to cancel your ski pass on the same day for which it was purchased, you can do so until 11:59 pm at the latest, and only if you have not passed the turnstile at the lift on that day. The purchase price will be refunded to your credit less the amount of CZK 150.
For multi-day ski passes, individual days cannot be cancelled, but only the entire ski pass as purchased.
Use the credit to purchase a ski pass in the new date. If the ski pass is more expensive than the balance of your credit in the new date, simply top up the credit.