Rent the latest Amulet electric bike and tackle even the toughest hills with ease. Enjoy carefree cycling in the highest mountains of the Czech Republic and discover the joy of riding.

  • An e-bike that ensures a comfortable ride even when you're traversing altitude differences all day long.
  • To rent and return an e-bike, please contact Spindl Motion below.
  • When renting an e-bike, it is necessary to pay a deposit of 1000 CZK and provide 2 identity documents. After returning the e-bike, all items will be handed back to you.
  • Charging of e-bike batteries is available at Spindl Motion rentals, which also offer the possibility of using the depot overnight.

Price list

  • 1 day 1090 CZK
  • 2 days 1990 CZK

Current operating hours:
Saturday- sunday: 9:00 - 16:00

Reservations are possible by calling +420 725 962 630 or via e-mail: markus@skiareal.cz
Out of office hours please call: +420 725 962 630

Spindl Motion rental & shop Medvědín 
(u dolní stanice lanovky Medvědín)

Opening hours
 8:45- 12:15, 12:45-16:00

 +420 724 388 215, markus@skiareal.cz