Nobody buys airline tickets at the airport anymore. We choose them online, usually well in advance. And, of course, we look for the best price. It will be the same with our ski passes from this winter season. Anyone who buys a ski pass in advance can save significantly.

How does it work?

At prices will be automatically calculated by a program designed to spread skiers out evenly in the resort throughout the season. As a result, ski pass prices will be higher during busy periods and lower in less busy periods. The current price of ski passes will not only depend on how full the resort is, but also on the weather and other external factors. The impact of these factors will be reflected in different price levels.

What factors affect the prices of ski passes?

  • The number of ski passes sold for a given period
  • The current capacity of the resort
  • The day of the week, national holidays or school holidays
  • The specific part of the season
  • The weather

What do you have to do?

At you will find current prices based on the above-mentioned factors for your preferred period, and you can easily buy your ski pass online from anywhere. You can only pay by credit card. Registered members of the GOPASS loyalty program receive the best deals and discounts through regular newsletters.