Motion Team

Since 2016 under the auspices of the Špindlerův Mlýn Ski Resort and SKOL MAX Ski School, the children's Motion Team has provided facilities for active children.



  • Long-term, general sports advancement of children, with an emphasis on winter sports, especially skiing
  • Healthy and natural development of the musculoskeletal system - under professional guidance taking into account all aspects of growth and physical development

Who is the club intended for?

  • For skiers aged 4 - 12 with a positive attitude to winter sports, who spend most of the winter in Špindlerův Mlýn
  • For those who want to ski and do sports at 100% under the guidance of experts, but don't necessarily want to compete


Instructor team

  • Head instructor
    • Instructor with the highest instructor education in the Czech Republic
    • Actively participates in trainings (the instructor of one group)
    • Works with the instructor team and oversees the quality of the training
    • Is the main contact person for parents
  • Instructors
    • Instructors with professional education in the field of skiing and snowboarding (APUL B, APUL A; SLČR (Ski Association of the Czech Republic) alpine skiing instructor) from the SKOL MAX Ski School instructor team with previous experience in teaching/training children
    • The team doesn't change during the season - each group has its permanent coach


Training groups

Stable group of 3-5 children and a permanent coach throughout the winter season


  • Friday: 1 x skiing + 1 x dry / alternative training
  • Saturday: 1 x skiing + 1 x dry / alternative training
  • Sunday: 1 x skiing

Alternative training includes: snowboard, cross-country skiing, skating, touring ski
Dry training takes place in the gym
Individual training is possible upon agreement with the instructor / head instructor


In addition to the selected training program, the seasonal fee includes a number of other benefits such as team clothing, preferential chairlift entry, access to the Svatý Petr ski resort, entry to sports facilities and more.


For more information, please contact us:

Kamila Knotová
Head Instructor Motion Team