FAQ - Flexi pricing and ski pass purchase

What are the prices of ski passes this winter season 2022/2023?

Ski pass prices this season are flexible; they are influenced by various factors, such as the current capacity of the ski resort, peak season or low season, day of the week, booking date and weather. The prices are constantly changing, so if you want the currently displayed price in the price calendar, it is best to book it right away.

Where can I buy ski passes? 

  • Online at gopass.cz at the best prices
  • At the resort at self-service Gopass Tickets desks at better prices than at regular desks
  • At the resort at the regular desk at flexible prices

How will I receive a ski pass purchased online?    

You can pick up your Gopass card at client centers, which are located directly in the ski resortsand water parks. You activate the purchased ski pass/ticket on the day of its validity via the PIN code in Gopass Tickets (automatic self-service points). The PIN code is part of the Purchase confirmation, which you will find after logging in to your Gopass account in the My orders section. Keep your Gopass card in a safe place after skiing. Every additional ski pass you purchase will be automatically sent to your Gopass card, and then you can go straight to the chairlift without further delay upon arrival at the resort.

What will the prices be at regular desks at the resort?

Ski pass prices are flexible this season. They change every day according to the current capacity of the resort, the weather and other factors. Prices at regular desks are higher compared to online prices at gopass.cz and those at Gopass Tickets self-service desks.

How long in advance do I need to buy a ski pass to get the best deal?

passes in a specific resort for the selected day. Based on this and other factors, prices are constantly changing, so it is possible that they will change within minutes.
If you want the displayed ski pass price, it is best to book it right away.

Could it happen that I buy a ski pass in advance now, and the price at the resort at the desk ends up being lower?

No. Advance sale prices are always lower than prices at the desk at the resort.

Can I prebook a ski pass date for another day, or cancel the ski pass? Will the price stay the same, or will it change? Will I have to pay for this change? 

If you have purchased a ski pass in advance for a specific date and something comes up unexpectedly, don't worry, you won't lose your money. In the My orders - Active orders/services section, you can cancel your ski pass and receive a refund for your purchase with a symbolic charge of 30 CZK. This way the ski pass can be canceled by 23:59 p.m. on the day preceding the day for which the ski pass is purchased at the latest.

If you want to cancel your ski pass on the same day for which you purchased it, you can do so by 11:59 a.m. at the latest, and only if you haven't passed the turnstile by the charlift on the same day. The purchase price will be refunded to your credit reduced by 150 CZK.It is not possible to cancel individual days with multi-day ski passes, only the whole ski pass as purchased. Use the credit to purchase a ski pass for a new date. If the skipass is more expensive than the balance of your credit on the newly selected date, simply recharge your credit.

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