TICKET POINT - new in the resort

Have you bought your TICKET online in the e-shop but don't have your own GOPASS chip card yet? Pick up your GOPASS card with your uploaded TICKET anytime and without waiting at the TICKET POINT!

A machine for self-service dispensing of a GOPASS card with your TICKET loaded on it, purchased online at gopass.travel

When can you pick it up? 
Anytime. The TICKET POINT operates 24/7. We recommend picking up your GOPASS card with your TICKET loaded on it in the afternoon, preferably the day before your trip to avoid early morning delays.

Where can I find the TICKET POINT?
At the GOPASS information centre in Hromovka, in Svatý Petr, in Medvědín, in Horní Mísečky and in Labská.

Why do I need to pick up my GOPASS card? 
In case you bought your TICKET online but you did not have your registered GOPASS card with you, you need to pick it up at the TICKET POINT to go through the turnstiles at the lifts.