Sprytna Sezonówka PREMIUM 2023/24

Ski with Sprytna Sezonówka PREMIUM in 10 resorts in 4 European countries, including night skiing. Sprytna Sezonówka PREMIUM 2023/24 is valid in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

When to buy the Smart Season Pass Premium?

Smart Season Pass PREMIUM 2023/24 is on sale in so-called waves. Each wave consists of a period during which the price does not change seasonally, but price differences occur between individual waves. At the same time, the earlier you buy your Smart season Pass PREMIUM, the less you will pay for it.

1st wave (owners of the Smart Season Pass PREMIUM 2022/23): till May 31st 2023
Adult: 11.790,- 
Junior/senior: 9.390,-
Children: 8.290,-

1st wave: till May 31st 2023
Adult: 12.790,- 
Junior/senior: 10.190,-
Children: 8.890,-

2nd wave: from June 1st till September 30th 2023
Adult: 14.390,- 
Junior/senior: 11.590,-
Children: 10.090,-

3rd wave: from October 1st till November 30th 2023
Adult: 15.090,- 
Junior/senior: 12.090,-
Children: 10.590,-

4th wave: from December 1st 2023
Adult: 16.790,- 
Junior/senior: 13.490,-
Children: 11.790,-