GOPASS Tickets

Buy the best price tickets in the resort through self-service ticket machines.

Kupuj i zapisuj przez internet:

Znajdź rabaty i zbieraj punkty za każdy zakup.


Did you miss your online purchase or haven´t you got a Gopass card yet? Never mind. There are GOPASS TICKETS self-service ticket machines placed at all boarding points in the resort, where you can quickly and comfortably buy a ticket which is 110 CZK cheaper than in a regular ticket office. Simply enter your email address and have a credit card on hand. Our nice staff will help you with both the registration and purchase, and you will be given a Gopass card upon your first purchase for free. Only credit cards are accepted when paying for tickets through GOPASS TICKETS self-service machines. Cash is not possible. GOPASS is really worth it! 

Compare the ticket prices bought online and in a regular ticket office in the resort.


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