1. What Smart Season Pass can I buy?

2. How much do the Smart Season Passes cost?

3. Are Smart Season Pass prices the same for all age groups?

4. How many days are crossed out of the season for the Smart Season Passes?

5. Why are days crossed out of the season for the local Season Pass in Szczyrk?

6. Do Smart Season Passes offer more than just skiing?

7. Can a FAST PASS be purchased extra by Smart Season Pass holders?

8. What if I buy a local Smart Season Pass (Jasná & Vysoké Tatry or Szczyrk or Špindlerův Mlýn) and want to ski in Austrian resorts Mölltaler Gletscher and Ankogel – is there a surcharge option for these Austrian resorts?

9. Where can the Smart Season Pass at EUR 299 be used?

10. What is the situation like with skiing in Austrian resorts?

11. Will skiing be safe in the view of the present day coronavirus situation?

12. What if I buy a Season Pass and cannot use it due to an injury/illness?

13. What if I buy a Season Pass and the season does not begin?

14. Will the Smart Season Passes be sold also later during the year?

15. What are my options if I have bought my Smart Season Pass on hire purchase?

16. What benefits could I have enjoyed if I had bought my Smart Season Pass on hire purchase?

17. If I have prepaid the first part of the price of my Smart Season Pass for 2020/21, can I go skiing to the Mölltaler Gletscher resort now?

18. Where can I find all details regarding the Smart Season Passes?

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