The snowpark ski resort Špindlerův Mlýn offers you the possibility to blow up, get the sense of freedom and much more other fun.

Burton snowpark Horní Mísečky

You will find our Burton snowpark on the sunny slope in the Horní Mísečky area.


The Snowpark is located in the middle part of the area in Horní Mísečky; it has its own ski tow Hořec (M2) and it is accessible by going below the cable car Horní Mísečky - Medvědín. It offers a series of solid obstacles (rails, boxes) and jumps. The park is recommended for beginners as well as advanced freestyle fans, and it was constructed with respect to safety and its maximal utilization.

Funtrack Hromovka

Ripples, bulges, riding on boxes and rails that is what offers Funtrack Hromovka. For all skiers and snowboarders a great park to diversify ride on the slopes. For beginners and advanced - a great place to learn new tricks und fun.

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