Audi Race Track

Compare yourself with Ondřej Bank on the new giant slalom course on the piste in Svatý Petr.

Winter season finished.

Everyone who enjoys skiing in Svatý Petr can head into the slalom gates, go through the final gate and get their time measured on the new Audi Race Track. The speed on the netted part of the 4a (Hřiště) course in Svatý Petr is measured by a clearly visible timer located in the final part of the piste. The length of the measured part is approximately 300 metres. This new attraction will please everyone who is serious about skiing, as well as those who want to enjoy some fun with friends. The course with slalom gates is suitable for everyone from children to seniors, including beginners.

You can compare your time with Ondřej Bank’s time, an exquisite Czech Alpine skier, Olympian, Word Cup medallist and multiple Czech Championship winner. Ondra ran 21.19 seconds. Can you do it better and faster?

Winter season 2018/19 finished

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