Dinner full of emotion

A delicious four-course menu served by candlelight and unique views of Špindlerův Mlýn at night.

Dates: 30.12. / 3.2. / 10.2. / 17.2. / 24.2. / 3.3. 

We guarantee you the transfer of the purchased experience in case of restrictions due to COVID measures to another date. If we can't find him together by the end of the season, we will refund your money.

Where it is?
Restaurant Na Pláni

How long will it take?
2 hours 30 minutes

How much does it cost?
Price until November 30 - 1090 CZK
Price from 1 December - 1,290 CZK

What's in the price?
Four-course menu, transport by snowmobile for dinner and back, welcome drink

What will be good?
Standard menu, vegetarian menu, children's menu


More info:

  • Dinner lasts 2 hours, snowmobile ride 2x 15 min.
  • The snowmobile leaves at 18:00, in case of full capacity also at 19:00 and 20:00
  • The meeting of participants is always 15 minutes before the departure of the snowmobile in the quattro® BAR in St. Peter, from here we will take you by snowmobile to the restaurant
  • The capacity of the snowmobile is 20 people
  • Not suitable for children under 6 years


What should you know about the experience?  

  • We also offer a vegeterian menu.
  • For children aged 6-12, we offer a three- course menu including non-alcoholic beverages for 790 CZK.
  • You will learn the time of your departure from the confirmation email you receive after purchasing the dinner.
  • You will receive a dinner voucher by email after the purchase process is completed.
  • You must reserve the dinner at the latest at 12 pm of the day of the dinner.
  • The minimum number of participants per dinner is 15 people. If there are less than 15 people, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the event.

Buy gift vouchers online

After successful completion of the payment process, we will send your voucher to your nominated email address.


Letní provoz ukončen. Probíhají přípravy na zimní sezónu. Nenechte si ujít 10.12. Špindl SkiOpening ve Svatém Petru. Skipasy v prodeji!