Špindl Bike Park

The popular Bike Park in Špindlerův Mlýn is located directly in the Svatý Petr resort. In the summer you can try one of the six tracks here, including the Pump Track. Both beginners and experienced bikers will enjoy the Bike Park. Simply choose one of our tracks. Driving outside the tracks is forbidden..

Foto:  Adam Maršál

In September, the bike park is open friday - sunday.

After Sunday 26.9. the operation will be finished.

The Spindl Bike Park was founded in 1994, and its history dates back to 1995 when the first international downhill race took place here.

Today, the tracks are created by MRSN Workxxx together with patron and co-creator Michal Maroši, an icon of Czech downhill racing, multiple Czech champion in downhill racing, four-cross world champion and European dual slalom champion.

You can find up-to-date information on the Facebook Špindl Bike Park.

Important!: We ask visitors to only ride on marked bike tracks! If you violate the rules, you may lose your Bike Pass.  

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Take advantage of the great offer of a 30% discount on rent in the case of purchasing a one-day ŠPINDL BIKE PASS for a bike park in Svatý Petr.

Book your space for renting your tent, caravan or van by email or telephone and prove yourself with the purchased bike pass when paying. Reseravtions on mleziva@skiareal.cz.


Trails info


Length: 2800 m

Vertical metres: 450 m

Start: the start tower is at the top station of the innogy line Svatý Petr chairlift. The track runs along a blue slope with frequent turns to the edges of the adjacent forest. It is less technically challenging and has a freeride nature, making it fun for a wide range of bikers. You will experience a number of banked turns, dirt and wooden jumps, as well as wooden footbridges that can be bypassed. In many places the surface is finished with gravel for a more comfortable ride.

Deep forest

Length: 1200 m

Vertical metres: 130 m

The track starts in the middle of the red freeride track below the top station of the Hromovka chairlift, where it turns right to the green Deep Forest trail. This trail is playful, fun and has a freeride nature. In the first third, there are many easy footbridges and banked turns, which then turn into a flat pass through a deep forest on a forest path. The track ends on an asphalt road, from which it connects to the red freeride track after 100 meters.

Skills centrum

Length: 35 m

Vertical metres: 0 m

If you want to improve your mountain biking and learn how to ride on foot bridges, visit the new Skills Center right next to the Pump Track.


Length: 75 m

Vertical metres: 0 m

The Pump Track is an oval track with plenty of rollers and banked turns, built on the plain at the bottom of the slopes in Svatý Petr. Experienced bikers don't need to use the pedals here, they simply "pump" their hands and legs while driving through the artificially created unevenness, riding round and round without pedaling. The track is also suitable for complete beginners and children. You can ride any bike freely on the Pump Track.

Race for experienced bikers

Length: 2100 m

Vertical metres: 450 m

This track that runs under the six-seater chairlift underwent a complete change in 2017. Thanks to the reconstruction, the track is now easier and more accessible to a wider range of bikers. However, it is still the most challenging track in the Bike Park. It is technically challenging with very difficult passages that only experienced riders can handle. Its difficulty meets all the requirements for organizing races (national and global). There are natural and artificially created jumps on the track, short wooden footbridges and its surface is made of dirt, stones and forest ground with roots and small rocks.

Touristic downhill

Length: 7000 m

Vertical metres: 430 m

The Touristic Downhill track starts next to the top station of the six-seater innogy line Svatý Petr chairlift. Initially, the track runs along a gravel path and then along an asphalt path, and the lower section runs along a panel road back to the bottom chairlift station. It's a pleasant sightseeing ride suitable for beginners, parents with children and amateur bikers.

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