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Fun Ticket

Take advantage of the FUN TICKET packages and enjoy amazing summer holiday experiences at a great price! Buy one package where you can take a chairlift and e-bike or off-road scooter.






  Adults Junior

Chairlift 1 Way

Off-road Scooter
Fun Ticket Price 450 390 430  
Fun Ticket E-shop gopass 430 330 410 Buy

Chairlift 1 Way

E-bike 3 hours
Fun Ticket Price 590   570  
Fun Ticket E-shop gopass 570   550 Buy





* eshop GOPASS - the chip card GOPASS Špindlerův Mlýn enables you to buy tickets in the most comfortable manner and with most advantages at the new e-shop. In addition, you will get additional rewards for each purchase made via GOPASS of not only tickets, but also for purchases made in our business premises Spindl Motion and Spindl Gastronomy.
Age is demonstrated upon presentation of an ID or Health Insurance Identity Card

Check the tickets and the change received immediately at the cash desk. Any later claims shall be disregarded.

All tickets are issued on advanced plastic cards. The deposit is 50 CZK.

Free transport of bikes and baby carriage with a valid ticket

Operator reserves the right to change prices, all prices are in CZK

We inform our customers that the turnstile area is monitored. When passing through the turnstile, a photo of you is taken, processed and saved by the ticketing system. Holding this personal information - the photo shall be saved for a period of the ski pass validity, and then it will be deleted by the system. A holder of a borrowed or resold ticket runs the risk of its blocking.



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