Amazing animal journey

The Amazing animal journey is a new, fun educational biking trail in Svatý Petr in Špindlerův Mlýn.

Take a look into the world of the inhabitants of Krkonoše forests. At each of the 7 stations you will learn more about the life of one animal that you might meet with a little luck while walking through Krkonoše. Throughout the entire biking trail you will be accompanied by Foresters, observers of the animal world who dress up like animals so they don't scare them off while watching them

The profile of the Amazing animal journey is ideal for bikers, but you can also go with a scooter, a stroller or on foot.



The cycling trail starts at the top innogy line chairlift station na Pláni; it is 7.7 km long and leads downhill back to Svatý Petr. You can take the chairlift to the start of the cycling trail. Strollers, bicycles and scooters can use the chairlift for free.




Before you go explore the life in Krkonoše forests, don't forget to pick up the accompanying map to the cycling trail at the information center in Svatý Petr.

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