Lokale Preisliste

Lokale Skipässe sind nur an den Kassen der örtlichen Liftanlagen erhältlich.


1 way210170140
1 day580460400
2 days1100870770
3 days1 5901 2701 110
4 days2 0401 6501 430
5 days2 4501 9601 710
6 days2 8302 2501 960


Horal, Harmony

1 day350290250
2 days650520470
3 days940760660
4 days1 200950850
5 days1 4401 1501 000
6 days1 6501 3101 150

Ticket office – Ski passes purchased at the ticket office are issued as an Axess contactless chip card. There is a 50CZK deposit for the card. The card can be returned via a slot machine for a refund of the deposit.

Ski passes and cash change from purchases at the ticket offices must be checked and any issues brought to the attention of staff immediately. Any complaint made thereafter will not be considered. Ski passes are non-transferable and it is not permitted to lend or sell passes. Ticket offices and lift entrances are monitored by camera. Should a ski pass be used in an unauthorised manner, it will be confiscated or blocked without compensation. The turnstile area is monitored. When passing through a turnstile, an image is taken that is processed and stored within the check-in system. To comply with personal data regulations, this image is retained for the duration of the ski pass and then erased from the system. The operator reserves the right to change prices without advanced notice. All prices are in CZK.

An den regionalen Kassen ist kein Online-Verkauf möglich.

CHILD 6 – 11,99 years
JUNIOR 12 – 17,99 years
ADULT 18 – 59,99 years
SENIOR 60+ years

Proof of age is required and must be supported by an identity card or, if this is not possible, an insurance card. It is not possible to purchase ski passes in the categories “Child“, “Junior” and “Senior“ without supporting documents showing date of birth/proof of age.

Operator: MELIDA, a. s., Špindlerův Mlýn 281, 543 51, IČ: 24166511, tel. +420 499 467 101

Letní provoz ukončen. Probíhají přípravy na zimní sezónu. Nenechte si ujít 10.12. Špindl SkiOpening ve Svatém Petru. Skipasy v prodeji!